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Our board puts in countless hours helping not only the dogs in our care but dogs in our community and in area shelters.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to save even half of the dogs we have.  Whether it is emergency runs to our vets, helping a new foster with a litter, or even taking an extra dog into their houses at a moments notice, our Board does it all!
  • Lisa Penshorn
    Pack Leader
  • Marie Costanza
    Shindig Facilitator!

    At the age of 4, Marie’s Mom brought home a Dachshund/Poodle mix (she was actually so ugly she was cute) from the SPCA in New Orleans. Over the next 14 years, Marie grew up with Princess by her side. The love, loyalty and joy that Princess brought to their family fostered Marie’s life-long love for animals.

    Marie’s first rescue was a puppy that was going to be taken to a shelter. That soon followed with a few street cats and eventually another dog from a rescue organization. The family, now at 2 dogs and 2 cats, was forced to evacuate when Hurricane Katrina hit her hometown of Chalmette, Louisiana.

    Marie and her husband, Sam, along with their fur babies, successfully relocated to Little Elm, Texas. Once settled, Marie was looking for a way to connect with her new community. After seeing a post about a local street dog rescue, Marie knew she had found the perfect way to combine her love of animals and community service.

    Marie and Sam still have 4 fur-kids, but the mix has changed a little. They now have three dogs, Dinozzo, Susie and Honey as well as a cat named Violet. The fur-kids keep the house imbued with delightful chaos.

    Marie enjoys watching LSU Tiger Football in the fall and loves browsing office supply stores.

  • Eva Hays
    Intake Master

    Rescue has long been a part of my life since I was 9 years old. My first rescues were 2 male labs, Tom and Ball. I really didn’t know what to do with them, but I had to bring them home to keep them safe. The first thing I did was stuff them in my mailbox while I ran inside the house to ask my parents if we could keep them. The answer was no, but we did end up finding their family and I have been hooked ever since. I have always rescued dogs here and there, but it wasn’t until my daughter Sophia was born that I really got my feet wet. Sophia and I have been rescuing and fostering in full force since March of last year, we are a force to be reckoned with!

    I also have 2 boys, Mathew and Josh that help with my fosters to help determine if they are kid safe. It truly is a family affair and I am so thankful to have a (somewhat) understanding husband that nurtures my passion to rescue, rehabilitate and foster.

  • Sandy Dutton
    Hair Dresser
    Me??  In my family I am the dog lady!  I wear that title proudly!  I have always had dogs, cats, hamsters and many other crawly creatures.   I am a sucker for the sweet souls and unconditional love that animals have for humans that show brightly thru their eyes.  I believe they need us to speak for them.  I want to speak for them.  I began fostering with a little pregnant chi-mix mama that was as wide as she was long.  Once we had (yes, we) had her babies, I was hooked.  Raising the babies, vetting and then networking and attending adoption events was amazing.  I was helping find the perfect families for these little darlings. I would be the decision maker on what their life would be.  WOW!!  That is life changing for all of us.  I did find the perfect homes for our four little babies (mine and Mama Mia’s).  I cried with each of them.   I still see all of them!!  I even FOSTER FAILED with one.  I could not be happier!! (The first of several)  Then there was Mama Mia.  I networked with my social media and friends.  A friend from 350 miles away said I WANT HER!!  Distance was not an issue.  Another friend was headed that way and drove Mama Mia on her Freedom Ride to the most wonderful life she could have ever dreamed of.  It takes a team effort in rescue and I have been associated with some of the biggest hearted people I could have only hoped to encounter in my life time.
    I take my fosters to work with me!  It is awesome to see them flourish, become social, learn to trust and get networked outside of a rescue.
     It is not all happy stories but when you do save ONE then you know it is the right thing.  Sloppy wet kisses and dog fur is my life!!   I have Fostered, I have Failed, I have Rescued, I have Cried, I Laughed, I have Smiled, I have Hoped.  I have Loved.  I have been Loved.  I will always be in Rescue!!!
  • Renee Newhall
    Type A Organizer


    Renee’s love for rescuing dogs started in 2013 when her youngest daughter wanted to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Of course since she was only 7 years old a parent had to volunteer with her. That’s where I came in. We would volunteer every weekend together and before we knew it my husband and oldest daughter were joining us.

    There was a dog at the shelter named Lucy who quickly became our favorite.  After spending 6 months at the shelter with no interest she was added to the euthanasia list. There was NO way we were going to let anything happen to our precious Lucy.  Luckily we were able to hook up with a rescue and she became our first foster. Now 3 years later we have personally fostered almost 100 dogs.

    Our passion for rescuing dogs has grown with every dog we save and has become a HUGE part of our lives! We are honored to be a part of such an amazing rescue and can’t wait for our next 100 fosters!

  • Viki Dunn
    Money Guru

    Viki grew up on a farm in Kansas (insert whatever Wizard of Oz jokes you have here) with multiple farm animals.  There was a rotation of different pets growing up, but she counts her first pet, Duchess, as the one who started the spark for dumped and unloved animals.

    She received a dual degree in Business Management and Music from Baker University, then moved to Arizona (highlights:  adopting her first cat [Nala] as an adult, meeting her best friend, other lifelong friends and receiving her MBA), Nevada (highlights:  awesome concerts and lifelong friends) and California (highlights:  wine [duh], great church and lifelong friends), working for Ally Financial.  When she was transferred to Texas (got here as quick as she could!), she decided to put down some roots and stay.

    Viki got involved in rescue the way a lot of people do, by finding a dog.  Hobo was found by the side of the railroad tracks, emaciated, in the rain, eating a dead armadillo, but still wagging her tail.  Viki couldn’t say no, the spark in her heart blew up and she hasn’t looked back.  Along the way she has found multiple new pets, fosters and a lot of new extended family members with the same love for rescued animals.

    For fun (when she has two seconds to spare), she enjoys riding her Harley Davidson Dyna glide, driving her 1970 Chevelle, reading, walking, playing piano at church and volunteering with other civic groups.

    Viki shares her home with her husband, Izzy (who is the most patient man on the entire planet and is loved dearly), Edelbrock (aka Eddie;   found by Izzy’s shop), Hobo (Viki’s main girl and reminder that American Staffordshire Terriers [pit bulls] are a completely misunderstood breed), Belle (a foster fail rehomed to Viki at Christmas in 2014), Two Tons of Steel (aka Steele;  a true cat with a cat’s attitude found at a Two Tons of Steel concert) and Jack Frost (found under the patio of a local restaurant;   a dog cat, Viki’s best tester of dog temperament who hangs out on top of dog crates because he doesn’t know any better).

    Thank you from the bottom of her heart for supporting rescue!